Random docs at your fingertips

The key to understanding your favorite languages, libraries and tools is to use them to solve real problems and read the Fine Manual.

But research shows most developers give up after a few minutes because it is hard to find the answers to the problem at hand. You have to either read the entire thing, and who's got the time, or know beforehand what terms to search for, which you never do.

What if you had the answers to other people's problems instead? Who knows, some day they may be your problem.

Or even better, it's entirely possible that you are in the 0.01% of users for whom random docs help you solve the very issue you're having!

In any case, it's best to have learned something useful in the process. Go ahead and learn by reading, read the things you didn't even know existed, and continue to level up.

So test your luck and take it for a spin